Choosing to Brake

This post by Summer Wilson originally appeared on the Transparency Project. There are times in life when it seems like all the things are going perfectly. Granted, they don’t happen often, but they DO happen. Green lights the whole way to work. The kids play a game together and LAUGH a lot! The husband brings … Continue reading Choosing to Brake

Not Quite Supermoms of the Bible

So I wrote a book. Last summer. I wrote it in 30 days. It was an ebook. And everyone asked one question: "When is the paperback coming out?" Within two weeks of launching my ebook, I began working on the paperback. I figured I could get it done by Christmas. Christmas came and went and … Continue reading Not Quite Supermoms of the Bible

I’m Married to Jack from This is Us…And I Know His Secret

The brilliance of the show This is Us is the use of universal themes. We can all relate to parts of the show--if not all of it--at times. Tragedy mixed with normal life, relationships stretched to breaking points, and family dynamics that resemble our own: there's literally something for everyone. It's downright brilliant. Jack and … Continue reading I’m Married to Jack from This is Us…And I Know His Secret


Have you read the story about the family whose pictures were touched up so badly that they don't look human anymore? We all giggled with a tiny shriek of horror as we saw the cartoon-like faces. I mean, one can't help but wonder what that photographer was thinking. And now, bless her heart, she is … Continue reading Photoshopped

3 Practical Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas

The struggle is real. No kiddin'. Between the classroom Christmas parties and programs and events and potlucks---it's no wonder we (moms) feel like we lose the meaning of Christmas every year.  It's as if culture says, "Moms, you aren't busy enough.  Let's add the pressure of special events, shopping, traffic, baking, memory-making, and volunteering to … Continue reading 3 Practical Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas